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    New Genesis Flash Linker with 32x support!!!!!&#33

    hi!!! Just to let you know that today (thursday) the guys at tototek released the MD PLUS, and its got awesome features: it supports both genesis AND 32x games! You cant go wrong!!! Plus it costs just $20 US more than the old version compatible with genesis only. ******************* MD-PRO...
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    WTB: Radiant Silvergun for Saturn

    hi Im interested in buying a complete copy of Radiant Silvergun for Saturn. (Case+Instructions+Obi+Mailcard) Im willing to pay with paypal as soon as i get a good price on it. And yes, i´ve checked out other places like ebay but the prices there are insanely high! Please PM or email me if...
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    Whats a decent price for a Sega Cdx?

    Hi A friend is trying to sell me his Sega CDX and i need your opinions! He´s got a Sega CDX still in the box. the box is in fair condition, the sega cdx looks very good. He´ll give me the 3 cds that originally came with the console: sega 4 in 1 classics, sonic cd and ecco. He´ll also...
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    How long did it take you to learn the swap trick??

    Hi Guys I guess it´d be interesting to make a new thread about the swap trick...i got my saturn model 2 yesterday and i´ve tried like a hundred times and still i dont get it, so maybe im stupid, or its impossible to swap! Can you please state how long did it take you to make the swap...