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    How to read certain memory values?

    I'm looking for an application for the Saturn that I can use to read certain hardware registers on a retail saturn. Right now I'm using the Save Game Manager by rockin-b, which has a memory viewer function. This would be perfect, since it shows a full hexadecimal view. There are 2 problems with...
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    Savegame CRC calculation

    I'm trying to edit a save file (can't be arsed to grind for money in an rpg, so I'm bumping up the value manually), but similar to the DC, the saturn savegame files are crc protected. How exactly is this CRC generated in a savefile? As in, what parts of the savegame data are checked when...
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    FM sound

    Is there any way to detect if a Saturn game uses FM instead of PCM synth? I'm trying to find -any- game that used the supposed FM capabilities of the Saturn, but I couldn't find anything so far. Konami Antiques MSX pack is one game I can't figure out, the audio ram clearly shows some audio...
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    SEQ file manipulation

    Using the seq2midi tool, I've found out that a game has an extra, never used, hidden audio track. Problem is that the way se2mid extracts it, its downright unlistenable, at the very least its nothing like the real hardware. The seq contains 3 sequences, 1st is a regular looping music track...
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    Progressive hires test demo?

    Reading through the tech docs, it seems that the Saturn can do progressive hi-res (commercial games like VF2 used interlaced). But, no commercial games ever used progressive hires, possibly because you needed special EDTV cables for it to work right. Does anybody have at least a tech demo which...