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    How to make a cue sheet for Christmas Nights?

    Argh.. Two Data tracks? I can't seem to burn it right. All I get is coasters..
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    Ripping PSX Grandia text, put in Saturn Grandia

    I was wondering if anyone ever considered/wanted to do this. I am. I am one of those Saturn zealots that hates PSX With a little rewrite of the asinine Sony traslation, all Saturn owners could enjoy the REAL Grandia.
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    Discworld 2 for Saturn (UK) - 60hz compatible

    Hey all, I recently picked up Discworld 2 for Saturn, never knew it existed. It seems to be 60hz compatible, though, I wouldn't be so sure as to tell how.. There are no large black boarders on the top and bottom of the screen. Seems to run at 60hz.. But I could be wrong. Anyway, I purchased it...
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    Looking for Sega japanese scripts (Genesis, Sega CD, Saturn)

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any resources or links to scripts of untranslated Japanese Sega games. I would really perfer Genesis games, as no one likes to translate those, only SNES. Not only that, but they are simpler then Saturn games, but I am not against Saturn scripts at all...