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    Master system with Genesis controller

    Hi. If there are people here with either a powerbase converter, a mega everdrive or a master system, they might have noticed some games won't play well with a genesis controller. There is a simple fix for this. See the pictures in the attachment for details. I've tested this with Wonderboy In...
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    Flsahrom cartridge

    I've build myself a flashrom cartridge to be able to play some other games than Sonic The Hedgehog, James Pond, Enduro Racer and Moonwalker. For flashing the rom, I am using an arduino uno. I am planning on putting the programmer on the cartridge (with an arduino NANO) so I don't have to remove...
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    DIY Master system converter

    Hi people. In the past couple of weeks I've been building a Master System converter to be able to play Master System games on my Genesis. It works like a charm and every game I fire at it works. The bios stack thing is simulated by an AVR. I've also build a flashrom cartridge with a 315-5235...