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    Have you ever seen this game O_O

    I got one of those double packs, it has Sonic 2 and Super Monicosomethingsomething.
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    What is the rarest SMS game?

    living in NZ collecting them is hard even though it was very popular everyone bought the same ones, so they are the same ones in the second hand shops and stuff
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    Windows for SMS

    Thanks man
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    The Saturn is 16/9 compatible !!!!

    Takes forever on a 56K connected at 52K so im giving up on the pics :angry:
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    Rank the best Master System Games

    yay go Alex Kidd. Add California Games because it has Hacky
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    Windows for SMS

    Someone couldn't tell me a link to the site as I saw it long ago and don't know the site :damn:
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    What is the rarest SMS game?

    no idea sorry
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    What is the rarest SMS game?

    is Slap Shot rare?
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    What is the rarest SMS game?

    What is the rarest SMS game?
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    Sonic CD Beta

    How can I get the Sonic CD Beta to work on my PAL MegaCD 2?
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    Windows for SMS

    I have seen a thing like it on the GG but is there one out there for the SMS?
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    SONIC 1

    The bonus levels are awsome but i can't seem to pass bonus level #3 i think its that one. i always run out of time. Was there any cheats for Sonic 1?
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    SONIC 1

    It is possible to hit robotnik on the sms version when he is flying over the top on the first level. You just have to time it right. I didn't thinkit was possible untill i did it the other day
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    Headphone Plug

    I mean model 2
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    Headphone Plug

    How can I make a headphone plug for my PAL SMS
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    SONIC 1

    How rare is Sonic 1?
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    Will burned Segacd isos work with a Segacd?

    My Mega-CD 2 doesn't let burned games work
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    A/V Cables

    is it possible to make a A/V cable for a PAL SMS 1? If it is then how do i make one?
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    I have put a 50/60hz switch onto my Mega Drive 2 it works but it is in black and white and sometimes it part color. Is there a way to fix this? My TV surports 50/60hz because it was perfect with my SMS mod