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  1. BrokenLizard

    Cannot visit using Comast

    Has anyone else been having issues visiting using Comcast? I can reach the site from my work's ISP and my cellular connection (AT&T in the US), but I consistently get a "Server took too long to respond" error every time I attempt to visit the site with my personal Comcast account...
  2. BrokenLizard

    Using SBL

    Are there any working examples of using the SBL libraries without SGL? I am trying to get the following test program to work, but the program just manages to display random characters on the screen. I am using a custom linker script, crto.S, and makefile that works with C++ and the standard...
  3. BrokenLizard

    Communication port information

    Does anyone have information regarding the Saturn’s communication port? I found TakaIsSilly’s thread, schematic, and code but it is unclear if he ever got serial communications working reliably. I am in the process of developing a SD card adapter for the Sega Saturn, which will be used for...