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    What is the rarest SMS game?

    What is the rarest SMS game?
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    Sonic CD Beta

    How can I get the Sonic CD Beta to work on my PAL MegaCD 2?
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    Windows for SMS

    I have seen a thing like it on the GG but is there one out there for the SMS?
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    Headphone Plug

    How can I make a headphone plug for my PAL SMS
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    SONIC 1

    How rare is Sonic 1?
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    A/V Cables

    is it possible to make a A/V cable for a PAL SMS 1? If it is then how do i make one?
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    I have put a 50/60hz switch onto my Mega Drive 2 it works but it is in black and white and sometimes it part color. Is there a way to fix this? My TV surports 50/60hz because it was perfect with my SMS mod
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    Is sms 1 or 2 easyer to mod?
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    Disk drive for SMS

    Would it be possible to connect up a 3 1/2 floppy drive (or cd drive) to the extra slot at the back of the SMS 1?
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    Swap Trick

    Is there a swap trick for the mega cd 2? If there is can you tell me. PS Sorry if this Post is in the wrong section
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    Little help needed

    My saturn isn't readin the CDs (SS and Music cds) the disc just stops moving. I think the len is out of line. i think my sister might have played with it. any help?
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    SMS 1

    What can I do with the expansion port on the back of the SMS 1?
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    I got a SMS 1 today and i noticed a thing you can take off. Its like the SMD port that goes into the Mega CD. It's on the back. I was wondering what its for.
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    Box Scans

    Anyone got the box scans for Predator 2, Terminator 2, Batman Returns, Lemmings and Wonderboy in Monster Land cause i got the games without the right boxes. If anyone has got one or all of them scaned or know a site thats has them cab you tell me please.
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    Headphone jack

    Can someone tell me how to make a headphone jack for a MegaDrive 2 VA1 PAL?
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    Language switch

    Could someone tell me how to make a language switch or a headphone jack for a Mega Drive 2 VA1 PAL?
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    Master system help

    Need help on Modifying an IC BD M4Jr. PAL Master System mainly a 50/60hz switch or a language switch. Any help would be good.
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    50/60hz switch md2 (pal)

    All the sites I go to have a different version than what I have my version is VA 1.8 PAL. any help?
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    New site

    Sega Modifying
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    Mods for md2 (pal)

    Can someone tell me what I can modify on my MD2? any sites?