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    Is Nintendo dying?

    I think with the news of the Revolution's controller, they've proven that they aren't going anywhere. I haven't been this excited about gaming in a long time.
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    Want an 18' tall giant mech?

    Wow, and it is at 39,000 and the reserve is still not met.
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    Who is heading down to Otakon this month?

    No, though it would be kind of interesting to see what it's all about. If anything it would be neat to people watch.
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    Wow, what a catch!

    Those aren't that rare. I caught one in Animal Crossing...but then Daisy "traded" (i.e. stole it from) me in exchange for wallpaper. :lol:
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    Amazing Ninja Video!

    My favorite part was out in the park. It was neat to see how far he could kick that ball.
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    Trekkies vs Civil War Re-enactors!

    Wow, that is hilarious. Thanks. The pictures make it even better.
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    Another Cool NASA Picture

    That's really nice.
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    Least fav. person in entertainment?

    I think his name is Itagaki. He's the guy from Tecmo on Team Ninja who brought us Dead or Alive. To me, he's just too arogant. He talks bad about so many other developers and games (like saying how he felt the gameplay in Resident Evil 4 was unrealistic because you had to stop to shoot), yet...
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    Happy Birthday Nintendo!

    They've come a long way from just selling playing cards. That reminds me, I need to go back and finish reading "Game Over". It's a great book about Nintendo's rise to fame.
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    WHY the new school of gaming sucks!!!

    While I think the SNES was one of the best systems with its great games there are still quite a few games that I like. Even though I am a Nintendo guy, I'm still thankful for the Playstation 1/2 and all of the niche games that have come through that I've really enjoyed, like Gitaroo Man...
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    Favorite Nintendo Characters

    Hmmm... hard one. Link Samus Yoshi
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    Post 80s/90s cartoons that you bet everyone has forgotten a

    I never saw the cartoon for Biker Mice but the SNES game was great, esp. for multiplayer.