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    What Do You think about shyness persons? Are they a bad persons?
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    Show your desktop

    Like in the title, show your desktop area. I'm first.
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    Do you know any website with ebooks in .PDF format? I'm looking for "Veronica decides to die" in english language version, but I can't find. Only polish or original version. Anyone cans help me?
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    linux vs Windows vs MAC OSX?

    Linux (distributions Ubuntu, openSUSE, Debian and many more), Windows (editions 95, 98, 2000, XP and Vista) or MAC OSX? Who's the better OS and Why? In my opinion the best of the OS is Linux Ubuntu, because There's no viruses, stability and free. Windows has many viruses and very much holes...
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    Wherre's Pacman?

    Where's Pacman game (flash) in arcade section? What happen with pacman?
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    DC doesn't work

    My Dreamcast doesn't work. When turn on my DC, then on the a TV screen display "black screen". Few second later display on the screen logo Dreamcast, not animated (like with open GD-ROM in DC). There is no sound. GD-ROM not working. LED light fine. What's going on? How I can refixed...