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  1. Karny

    Radiant Silvergun

    Hi everyone I've finally bit the bullet and bought myself a copy of Radiant Silvergun (I know... just before the prices fall!). I received it today and my absolute joy turned to horror as soon as I started reading the manual. it's matte, rather than gloss! Does anyone have an original copy of...
  2. Karny

    Mario Kart DS?

    Hey there! Yea, I know... I've been missing a lot lately... i suck. Sorry, my heart just hasn't been in games lately. Blah blah blah... anyway. I got Mario Kart DS today and it rocks my socks. If anyone would like to have a game, my friend code is: 502571 224958 Might be a good idea for...
  3. Karny

    Be strong London!

    I would just like to send my condolences to all the families of those hurt or killed by today's bombings in London. All of us are united with you in solidarity. Be eternally vigilant. Our prayers are with you!
  4. Karny

    It lives!!!!

    Hi all Well, here I am in London and trying to find my feet. It's been a little harder finding work than I had originally intended, but I'll keep trying :) We had snow on my first week here, which was fairly exciting as it doesn't snow in Johannesburg. The novelty wore off the following day as...
  5. Karny


    Click here - Do it now!!
  6. Karny

    New Zelda collection!

    IGNCube announced today that Nintendo plans on releasing a Zelda collection including the following games: The Legend of ZeldaZelda II: The Adventure of LinkThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeThe Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (demo)What a fantastic...
  7. Karny

    Whats keeping you busy?

    Hey all.... just wondering what systems you currently have hooked up and what games you're currently playing? This is whats keeping me busy at the moment: Gamecube Star Fox Adventures Capcom vs SNK 2: EO (with many thanks to my Hori arcade sticks) Dreamcast KOF 2002 Playstation 2 Final...
  8. Karny

    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

    Well I finally got my grabby little paws on a new shiny (really) copy of LoZ: WW and I have to say I'm blown away. The game just oozes perfection from every pore. Just run through a little meadow and hack throw some grass and trees whilst surrounded in beautiful particle effects and you'll know...
  9. Karny

    The state of Nintendo

    I'd really like to get a feel for you opinions of the current generation of Nintendo products. Are you happy with them? Do you think that they are delivering on their promise of the "Nintendo Difference"? Is anything missing? What should they do more of? What should they do less of? Your...
  10. Karny

    Why dont you post? - ... just seems odd...

    So, why is it? I know a fair number of you check the boards a couple of times a day, but yet seldom reply to posts are start your own threads... Why is it? (at least this forum should get a few replies)
  11. Karny

    Whatha got?

    I'm sure all of us have lists of the gaming stuff that we own. I know a lot of you have pictures of your setups, but sadly I don't have a digital camera and mines not very impressive to look at (Just a TV with a GC, PS2 and DC connected... with a N64 lying on the floor). Anyway... I'd like to...
  12. Karny

    Animal Crossing

    I'm very keen to start a Animal Crossing board we're people can trade with other people and share tips and tricks... Would this interest any of you? Does anyone own Animal Crossing?
  13. Karny

    What to do?!

    My wonderful girlfriend today informed me that I could have 2 Gamecube games for Christmas! w00t! She was originally planning on getting me 1, so the choice was obvious, Metroid Prime... but now I have to choose another, and I'm a little stuck with what to go for! I guess it's a choice between...
  14. Karny

    Gamecube Gameboy Player

    Wow! This is just too cool! For $50 its cheaper than an Afterburner kit and I'll be able to play it on my TV without the need to haX0r my GBA... Excellent! Not to mention the fact that you'll be able to play with the GC controller, which I definately prefer over the GBA.
  15. Karny

    Anyone bothered...

    I did :) Although I wish there were more paths to chose from and a little bit more variety between the different paths. Either way, its was worth it to see the uber ending and have that "I've done everything there is to do" feeling. Tops class game! If you don't own it, buy it now! :cool:
  16. Karny

    Big Gamecube announcement?!

    Agree with my ramblings? Have some other points to consider? Post them here!
  17. Karny

    Rare sells out

    According to IGNCube, the deal is done... Microsoft has bought Rare. I have mixed feeling about this... what do you think? And do you think this will effect Nintendo in the long run?
  18. Karny

    Perfect Dark

    Golden Eye will forever be remembered as one of the N64 greastest games, but to me it'll always be about it's "sequel", Perfect Dark. With better graphics, better story, improved sound and all round cooler lead character (Sorry James, but you're not in the same league as our Miss Joanna Dark)...
  19. Karny

    Tides of change

    As you may have seen on the news page and around this board, many things are in the process of changing. From our name, look and feel and the content that we have. Let us know your suggestions for a name and anything else you think would be cool to have in a Nintendo community.
  20. Karny

    Secret of Mana - Game of the day - 28 August 2002

    Thanks to Megametalgreymon for the suggestion! You know the drill... get chatting!