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  1. Kuta

    Site style

    That pastel green on the links is very 80's. I think I like it. :)
  2. Kuta

    Site style

    Pop-up boxes have really hard to see check boxes.
  3. Kuta

    Anyone got any of the REALLY old versions of SSF (circa 1999-2001)? Missing some.

    Is this what you are looking for?
  4. Kuta


    Why not develop a new game?
  5. Kuta

    Pseudo Saturn Kai official thread

    If those EPROM windows don't have stickers over them you may lose the data on them.
  6. Kuta


    The next thing on my mind is will this affect the collectables market for original games?
  7. Kuta


    Why would they make it free?
  8. Kuta

    Is this BC Racers legit or bootleg

    I've got BC Racers but it's the PAL version so I can't compare. Sorry.
  9. Kuta

    Arcade things

    I would be if I had somewhere to put them.
  10. Kuta

    Happy new year and may Saturn Shenmue beta get leaked 2017!

    It's a new year?
  11. Kuta

    1 second power off - Game Gear

    Game Gears operate on 9V.
  12. Kuta

    A Game I'm Working on: [TERMINAL]

    Are you a Blade Runner fan?
  13. Kuta

    What is your IQ?

    Of course. Who would ever pay for a certificate when they got a low score?
  14. Kuta

    What Sega System Games have Been Translated?

    Anne's Adventure Jap-Eng Dynamite Headdy Jap-Eng Gleylancer Jap-Eng Kinds's Adventure Jap-Eng l3.txt...
  15. Kuta

    Some nice sega stuff

    It's just missing the Sega logo on it.
  16. Kuta

    Site moved and upgraded!

    It works fine for me. Maybe try installing the latest version of Java on your PC.
  17. Kuta

    Site updates

    SSL really isn't relevant for a website like this. What are your concerns regarding security?
  18. Kuta

    Site updates

    Good times are coming.
  19. Kuta

    Virtua Cop World Record 15570900 pts. Hardest mode

    I just thought that because you would like it to be regarded as a world record that there would be some rules and regulations that would need to be following to ensure the game was being played properly. You were using a light gun so did you need to place yourself a certain distance from the...
  20. Kuta

    Virtua Cop World Record 15570900 pts. Hardest mode

    Good effeort. How did you record it though? It doesn't look like you used a camera. How does anyone know if you played honestly?