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  1. Kuta

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Has anyone else become addicted to this great game? I've been loosing sleep trying to figure out what the secret alien mission is. Can anyone here share some hidden secrets they've found within the game?
  2. Kuta

    Sonic #229 NYCC Exclusive

    There are some of these comics on Ebay selling for over $200. Why on earth are people paying so much for these? I understand that there were only 500 copies printed but still, $200?!!
  3. Kuta

    Best Blu-ray Player Brand?

    I'm looking to buy my first blu-ray player soon. Has anyone had experience with various brands who can give me an idea which one would provide best performance and reliability?
  4. Kuta

    Text File Based Vs SQL Databases

    I'm hoping there's some experienced programmers in here. What I'm asking is if I was to create a website and used PHP to develop a text file based database then would there be any limitations or disadvantages compared to creating a SQL database? I already know that PHP locks files out while a...
  5. Kuta

    Sonic 4: Episode 1 The screen shots have been pulled form the site but here are a couple to give you an idea of what it'll look like;
  6. Kuta

    New SegaXtreme Wiki!

    Some of you may have been aware of the new Wiki that's been set up for us. For those of you who aren't there is a link in the top tab menu to the Sega Wiki. There is not much in there at the moment but hopefully given time we can fill it out with all kinds of Sega info. Anyone who knows...
  7. Kuta

    [Unreleased] Sonic X-Treme

  8. Kuta

    Aliens Vs Predator
  9. Kuta

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Hope you all have a great day with your family and that there is lots of food and presents. If you like you can let us know what you recieved. Happiness for all!
  10. Kuta

    Report Shill Bidders On Ebay

    I recently had a bad experience with a seller on Ebay which resulted in me leaving him negative feedback. Very soon after I left the feedback he not only sent me an offensive message but I noticed that a series of positve feedbacks from recently opened accounts were left for him which pushed my...
  11. Kuta

    The Return of Ghostbusters
  12. Kuta

    Sonic the Hedgehog is Archie Comics Biggest Seller

    Source: I was a little surprised to learn that Sonic is Archie's biggest success even out selling their signature characters such as Archie, Veronica, and Jughead. In March sales it shows they sold 6,880 copies of issue #186 of the series. Sonic X...
  13. Kuta

    Sega Game Archive Discovered in the Product Development Department
  14. Kuta

    Sega of America CEO, Simon Jeffery, Speaks About Sega's Strategy
  15. Kuta

    NEW PC DEMO: Sega Touring Car Championship

    Visit the goodies section for a new PC demo; Sega Touring Car Championship. In this demo you can do two laps of the Grand Prix circuit. VBT is accepting screen shots of record times so dowload it and try it out now! :driving:
  16. Kuta

    Sega Comes Out With Robot Girlfriend It was only a matter of time.
  17. Kuta

    What Does the Future Hold For Tendoweb?

    Currently there is a discussion taking place over at Segaxtreme concerning the future of both sites. If anyone here would like to offer some input concerning the future of this site then you should come over and have your say;
  18. Kuta

    Custom Mega Drives
  19. Kuta

    Happy New Year, Everybody!

    I hope 2008 will bring many good things to all Sega fanatics. I will be hoping for more financial prosperity this year so that I will be closer to being able to buy my own home. Of course, I would also like to stay healthy and happy. I wish the very best to everyone!
  20. Kuta

    Interview With SEGA's Director of Artists and Repertoire; Noah Musler

    Part 1: Part 2: The interview discusses SEGA's involvment in the upcoming Game Connection event being held in France. Other subjects covered includes the situation with the curerent...