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    All Dreamcast Capcom games $19.95 from Capcom (nt)

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    Dreamcast owned games thread

    I liked hearing about people's choices and wish lists; was this thread removed? Was it because of the douche bag who had his brag list of copied games?
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    Getting a gun to work

    I can't get the friggen thing to calibrate. It just wont recognize those corner shots. It will recognize if I shoot in the center of the screen. Of course, then calibration is fucked and I have to shoot next to the guy to hit him. Can anyone vouch for a gun WORTH buying?
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    My PSX died yesterday, and my other one skips on FMV and music, and locks up (even when played on its' side or upside down). I am thoroughly disgusted with the PSX durability. I have no reason to believe the PSX2 was better made, given Sony's reliability on all their other electronics products...