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    Analog or Digital watches

    I use an analog watch as screensaver in my cell phone
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    Router Purchase

    Well, I have a WRT54G v6, and it started to work like a charm when I changed the firmware. I have wired to it 2 PCs and a xbox, and connect 1 (sometimes 2) laptop with WPA. I live in an apartment (middle size, about 100 M2) and I get good connection at any place of it.
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    Have YOU Played Any New Sega Games Recently?

    I don't think so, I play single games mostly.
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    Have YOU Played Any New Sega Games Recently?

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    Die Hard Arcade

    No, your fists are... :wanker
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    Current Gen Console Modding

    I have donde some research (I bought a new ps2 the past week) and: External USB Hdd supposedly have these disadvantages: - Longer load times - Incompatibility You can put almost any modchip (discard clones), if you install a laser protection board. The only thing you have to figure out is...
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    Your XBOX 360 Live Gamer Tag

    Current Xbox (Xbox360 is TOO expensive here) live account: calidosaurico1 I use trials so I change it often... but I always keep names using mixes of these words: calidad, dinosaurico, calenton
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    Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game

    I miss the action heroes' era
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    Sega Genesis flash cart with SMS FM support!

    It is a bit overpriced
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    No topic about the FIFA World Cup ?

    Both teams deserved to lose... I was hoping a 3rd team would come to the game by surprise and beat those two...
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    You are trapped in a Zombie infested city

    Why nobody has mentioned the BFG 9000?
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    What games have you bought lately?

    A pack of Diablo II, Warcraft III & Starcraft in spanish.
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    Sega Driving Studio is hiring

    It's a shame that I don't have the adecuate profile for these jobs...
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    Whens the new board going to be ready?

    So this site is going to die? When? Pd: I don't have permission to look even my user control panel...
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    No topic about the FIFA World Cup ?

    In fact, the referee was helping Portugal (just a bit).
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    What are your favorite quotes?

    "Mom, Dad, I missed you. Cowabunga, dudes!" - Hans Moleman "...Brannigan's Law is like Brannigan's love - hard and fast." - Zapp Brannigan "...I did make it with a hot alien babe. And in the end, is that not what man has dreamt of since first he looked up at the stars?..." - Zapp Brannigan
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    Some saturn emulation news

    Glad to see that saturn emulation isn't dead... my saturn and my ar+ died...
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    thw psx version was nice, but now I prefer doom using doomsday. I have to see the xbox version, included in doom 3 collectors edition (it should arrive at my home in 2 weeks)
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    Making money off of Nigerian scams

    That's gold.
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    controler remote

    this is close to what you are looking for