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    100 Sega Megadrive, Saturn, MegaCD and 32X games on Ebay

    I have about 100 Sega Megadrive, Saturn, MegaCD and 32X games for sale on Ebay -> Check it out if you’re intrested as I’m sure you’ll find some nice titles between them.
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    +100 Mastersystem and Megadrive games for sale

    I placed my complete Sega Mastersystem trading list and a few Megadrive games (one of the is Alien Soldier) on ebay. All are complete boxed with manual. If you're intrested check out the link. If you have any questions feel free to ask but use the ebay link to contact me...
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    Wanted : Samurai Showdown on PAL MegaCD

    Hey guy, is someone willing to sell me his European PAL MegaCD Samurai Showdown as it is one of the last titles I need to complete my PAL MegaCD collection.
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    Street Fighter on Sega 32X ???

    A guy is trying to sell me a Street Fighter 2 for the Sega 32X, but to my knowledge there was never a Street Fighter released for the 32X ?? Or was there maybe a Beta version or something ? :blink:
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    What do you think about my site

    Ok, I already posted something about my website in the selling/trading section on this forum, but it seems there is a lot of feedback on a post by paul26000 about his new website. So I decided to ask you guys what you think of my site (click the "dafran's game collection" link below). I'm very...
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    Some Sega stuff to trade on my website

    I just finished setting up a website with my videogame collection online. I also included a Trading Zone with games I'm willling to trade. So feel free to check out the website ( and if you see something intresting or you have something Sega related for sale/to...
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    Vatlva and Outlaws Of The Lost Dynasty

    Do anyone know this games and can tell me if they're any good ? What kind of games are they ? Any url's with pictures of them would be nice as I was not able to find any.'s Valtva instead of Vatlva
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    I've got some Sega Games to trade

    I've got some Sega Games to trade I've got a couple of Sega Games which I want to trade. I'm not intrested in selling them because I'm a collector and I'm always looking for some new stuff :-) You can watch my videogame collection at the following url ...
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    Phantasy Star Hyper Text Adventure 1 & 2

    Phantasy Star Hyper Text Adventure 1 & 2 Does anybody ever heared of these 2 games on the MegaCD ? I heared it is a (text) adventure with the heroes of Phantasy Star 2. Are those games (I think it are 2 parts) rare ?
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    Megaman The Wily Wars for €6 ... a megadeal ??

    Yesterday I found MegaMan The Wily Wars (European version) for Megadrive/genesis for €6 ($6.5). There wasn't a manual with it, but the game and the box are in good condition so I guess its still a good deal. I looked for it on ebay and couldn't found even 1 single copy for sale so am I...
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    Undead Line for Megadrive/Genesis

    Is Undead Line for Sega Genesis/Megadrive a rather rare/collectible game, and what kind of game is it ?
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    Tekken for Megadrive/Genesis

    Did some of you guys ever heared of Tekken for the Sega Megadrive/Genesis ? I suppose it's a pirate version or something from Hong-Kong or Brasil or something but it seems it excists
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    Mc Donald's Treasureland Adventure

    Mc Donald's Treasureland Adventure Do some of you experts know if Treasure's McDonald's Treasureland Adventure on the Genesis is a collector's item (rare) or is it easy to get ? I know it's from Treasure and most of their titles like Alien Soldier, Gunstar Heroes, Radiant Silvergun etc..are...
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    Phantasy Star III for Genesis/megadrive (Jap)

    Here I am again with a question about how rare a game is :-) Does somebody knows this game is rare (Japenese version) I don't have a clue, but the sellers says it's a very rare one. I never saw it before, but that doesn't mean anything ofcourse.
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    Earnest Evans and Heavy Nova...RARE ??

    Do someone know those two games are rare ? They are the Japanse versions. I can buy them for about $13 each, but I don't have a clue they are worth it. The only think I know is that Earnest Evans is rated as one of the worst games on SegaCD, so if its not that rare I don't have to bother. And I...
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    Junction (Konami)

    Does anyone knows this game "Junction". I can buy a Japanse Megadrive copy of it, but I'm not sure it's a rare game. I never saw it before ..the only thing I know its lincensed by Konami and from 1990. Is this a RARE (collectable/valuable) game, or is it nothing special? (Edited by dafran at...
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    Broadband Adapter

    Can someone tell me which online-games are compatible with the Broadband Adapter beside Quake and Unreal Tournament ?
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    Phantasy Star 1 !!!!

    I've got the oppertunity to buy a Japanse Phantasy Star 1 for the Genesis for about $135 . They told me there are only 1000 copies of this game, and that Sega never sold them, but gave them for free on there best costumers in the late '80. They also told me that it was a very good price, because...