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    Turning my Saturn into an Arcade Bartop

    Hello all! It's been 10 years since I last posted here...I haven't had a lot to say, I guess. :/ In any case, I've just recently discovered the Rhea/Phoebus mod that allows our Saturns to run games from an SD card and after recently building a Retopie machine, I can't help but think that a...
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    Xbox bundle to include Sega games

    Beginning Oct. 15 you'll be able to pick up an Xbox with SegaGT 2K2 and JSRF for 199.00! I wish I had waited until now...really great deal and two very good games.
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    Suggested games?

    My fried recently gave me his old N64 and I've been enjoying Conker since. What else would you guys recommend? I already have Super Mario 64 and I will eventually be grabbing Zelda OOT. AAA titles only, please. :)
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    Panzer Dragoon Orta reviewed. "Not previewed, REVIEWED. I'm figuring they got what was going to be the final build before Sega pushed it back to January to add stuff. The original Panzer Dragoon(emulated) is in Pandora's Box. Anyone interested in the score they gave it? And no...
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    I'm in the Xbox live Beta program!

    I'm in the Xbox live Beta program! Just got the email and ordered my kit! Can't wait!
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    Wow! What a collection!

    Check out this guy that goes by the name of Dreamcastmaster and posts at the Edge-Online forums. Apparantly, he works for Sega Europe and has ammased an amazing collection of videogames. I've never seen some of these things...did you know Sega made a digital camera for the Saturn? Take a look...
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    Name That Movie!

    Movie 1 Simon: Hey Zack, wanna play Sega with me? SEGA!(Sega scream) Zack: Sure. Simon's Father: He REALLY likes Sega. Name the movie, then (if you can) add a quote for others to guess. ...and in case you were wondering, yes, I'm bored.
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    Now THIS is funny!

    Well I've been gone awhile (mostly having a life ) but I'm back! Have you seen what Microsoft has been sending out to HELP out PS2's online plans? Hope you find it as funny as I did...Reminds me so much of the kind of things Sega used to do.
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    Episode ii: attack of the nerds

    Sit down while you watch this! This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while!
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    Got a story about a cat named tripod

    Just felt like sharing this story. My wife has been feeding these stray cats in our backyard for a while now. Of the 4 who frequent our home, one always had my eye for she had only 3 legs! Her mother brought her to us one day and she's been enjoying our generousity ever since. Although she...
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    Looking for arcade game

    Ok...I've been thinking about buying an arcade cabinet and would love to remember the name of this GREAT game I played while in college. This will sound kinda vague but bear with me. Anyway, the game was a sit-down game like a cockpit (you were completly enclosed). It was a 3d shooter on rails...
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    Panzer dragoon orta

    The official website of Panzer Dragoon has officially launched! You can check it out at Right now it only got some KILLER screenshots but I' sure that soon there'll be a downloadable movie. Enjoy...the media at E3 are already calling this game the most beautiful game on...
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    Halo vids

    The best of the bunch...The Warthog Jump He's an Asshole! Lots a guys + Lots a rockets = Multiplayer mayhem Just thought I'd post...
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    Rare developing on ps2 and xbox

    Here's the link... It's an "insider" story and since my subscription ends today I thought I'd share it. "There's a lot to talk about as we head directly into the big E3 2002 show, of course, which is why I've been called back by the ambiguously...
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    Panzer dragoon orta Nothing else to say except... OH. My. GOD.
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    Mulholland drive

    I just finished watching one of the best films of the year, "Mulholland Drive." If you haven't seen it yet, go and rent it. If you have seen it, I'm curious to know what you think of it. I'm usually pretty good at deciphering Lynch's works but this one has me pretty stumped. Some things are...
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    World series baseball 2k3 Check out the self-shadowing and the animation is right on! Just beautiful!
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    Model #'s

    Model #'s Is it possible to tell what kind of IC chip is in your Saturn by its Model #? Specifically, does the MK-80008 have 32 or 64 IC chip?
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    Saturn mod chip help

    Well after reading on another thread about how to properly place the mod in a 64 pin version Saturn (gotta install it "backwards"), I decided to retry the install. least it boots up this time...But, the Saturn is now recognizing ALL back-ups as though they were a music CD. Strangely...
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    More Xbox news

    Halo has managed to sell one million copies! Panzer Dragoon X has Surfaced! At least to journalists it has...Sadly NDA's keep us from knowing more about is at least SOME info on it...