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    My friend's cable stopped working and it's not his

    My friend's cable stopped working and it's not his My friend is using Comcast as his cable provider and he just installed Windows XP. Everything worked perfectly yesterday until he installed his GeForce 2 (64 MB Ultra)'s drivers and now he can only go to websites at extremely slow speeds (like...
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    Sonic Pinball Party

    Does anybody know how the scrolling is going to work in this game? In the case that you can't see the entire table at once (which will obviously be the case) I feel there should be an option to view the entire table at once no matter how small it will be on the GBA... I mean afterall, that...
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    Sega Saturn Price Guide?

    Does anyone know where I can find a some what up to date Sega Saturn price guide? All help appreciated. Thank you.
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    Sega Saturn Net Link Idea

    Ok, I haven't been here in a long time, so don't get pissed if someone has already posted this. Anyway, I have an idea that it would be a possibility to play Saturn Net Link games long distance for free. As most of you probably already know, you can play certain link XBOX games online. This...
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    Read if you want to stop policeware and protect your digital

    If anyone remembers, Policeware is a chip that can be implanted into any digital piece of hardware and prevent you from copying anything as well as allow the government to know what you are doing, and to possible put you in jail and fine you for anything you do that is "illegal"...
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    What is the Saturn Boot Disk?

    Just wondering what it is.