32X for genesis


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I bought a 32x for my genesis of ebay. It came without any leads though.
: :rant

My setup is a GENESIS 1 on top of a MEGA CD 1 with a 32X

So what i wana know is that in order to play games through it do i need to use the A/V out and the A/V in? at the back of the 32x.

I have DOOM and METALHEAD and both show only some graphics on screen, where as if i put a genesis game in it either works 100% or like virtua racer not at all. I curantly have the tv connected to the genesis via RF cable.

Think i should get those cables though, any 1 know how to make them, or know of any web sites that could help?
I USED to have one laying about my house if i remember rightly. If i can find it i'll send it to ya in return for summit nice or a small monetary donation :D

Just to check, cos i think i found it. does it have a 4 pin connector on the 32x?


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I would certanly be interested in doing a swap or donation as u say for your 32x system Adrock....................

I dont know what 4 pin you mean though...thers is a power in and 2 two 9 pin a/v that connect to the genesis and to your telly.....

Anyway please e-mail me at paul26000@aol.com and tell me what ur after .......


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Yes, both AV in and AV out ports should be used. The genesis/md feeds it's processed video into the 32x and it mixes with the 32xes processed video and then goes out to your tv.

You're gonna need 3 cables in this picture:


The three on the left. You connect the 1st on on the left to the 3rd one, and those together patch the video between your genesis1/md1 and 32x, the middle one of those three go from the video out of your 32x to your tv.

eh, i hope this helps.


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well thanx guys for the help, got to say though its bloody imposable to get hold of new or second hand cables , or even the connectors to make my own :rant


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Mask already recommended he do just that in the other thread (why 2 threads, dunno...). If he really wanted to build a cable with normal connectors, that is also possible, but he'd have to hack up both a MD1 and a MD2 cable, and then of course there's the issue of how many pins the connector would have... which sort of leads to a question I asked in the other thread. Do you have to pass all the signals to the 32X, or just the ones you're going to use? Meaning, could you just connect ground, composite video and audio? Ahh, but if you want stereo audio, you'll have to use the headphone jack, that adds to the fun.

In case you're interested, I do have a mono MD2 A/V cable, and a stereo MD2 RF cable if you want to hack either of those up.

Edit: Oh, I think I just found it.

http://www.sega-parts.com/products/32x-prices.htm - the "Conversion Cable Gen 1".


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I have 2 megadrive2/genesis 2 A/V cables already and as for SEGA PARTS, thay only deliver to the U.S... :rant

1 Question though, would the A/V cable from the megadrive2/genesis 2 also work as the A/V out on the 32x?

The cable has only 3 pins ... no:6(audio mono) no:4(comp vidoe) no:2(5 vdc)

Hey if any 1 is willing to purchas the parts from sega parts and pass them on?

I could even order the parts and have them sent to some 1 in the U.S and then sent to me, even make it worth there while? just a thought.... :damn:


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The 32X out is the same as MD2, so yes. For some reason my MD2 stereo A/V cable has all the pins, it looks like. But you shouldn't even care about stereo audio unless you plan on using your headphone jack to send the audio to the 32X.

Also, sega-parts lists a number for international orders at the bottom of that page. So... I'd assume they ship outside the US. If not, I'd probably be willing to order them for you. But I'd try that number first.
you have to use both in and out on the back as said by Nadius, the mixing is also why some Genesis games look better running on a 32X! Many don't know this as SEGA did not make the 32X to do this but there are pics out on the net to proove it, but colors are more vibrant when running Genesis games on 32X! now one thing you should try if you don't get full graphics on screen with both cables connected is making sure you plug the the video cables in tightly (having it running while plugging it in may help. When i got my 32X it didn't run right but it turned out that i had to plug in the cable tightly for it to make full contact with the pins.


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Well i tryed very hard to make the A/V cable out of the genesis and into the A/V in the 32x, but with not much luck, got a bit of sound, then a full pic on DOOM.

I do have the 32x now hooked to the tv through the 3 pin A/V, as before i was just using the genesis for the pic.

Question though, do you have to have all the same pins pluged into the genesis and then into the 32x, eg Genesis 32x


2.comp video------4.comp video



5.5 VCD-------------2.5 VCD

6.Audio Mono-------6.Audie mono


Ground needs to be hooked up or it won't work. IIRC, there is no ground pin on the 32X A/V connector, so you have to attach it to the shield (the piece of metal that encircles the entire connector).

You don't need to connect composite video and you only need to connect +5V DC if you want to run both units off of the same "brick".
:( is this the diagram you are using? www.gamesx.com/avpinout i keep getting flickering images from the game´s introduction with colors coming and going, no sound at all and still not able to play any game. when i unplug the solid core wires i´m using color goes out and i get b/w images PLEASE HELP :damn: looking at the pictures of the original cables there are some strange black blocks thru which cables pass, what are those?
Make sure ground and sync are connected properly and generally check all the connections to make sure they're secure the shorter the wires you use the better. The black "blocks" on the original cable are there to reduce interference.