3do controllers


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Remember those cool 3DO controllers made by Panasonic? The ones with the volume controll and earphone jacks on them? They were so gosh darn cool! Wonder why it never caught on.

Anybody else love these controllers because of that?
Yeah I love those! it was a great idea because you didn't have to be right up next to the console to use the headphones like on the genesis.

but then again any video game console with built in headphone jacks is a winner in my book.
They were good pads, and the earphone jack was an excellent idea

However, I'm not very impressed with the d-pad, even with the loosening the screws 'mod' it is difficult to hit diagonals, and playing Street Fighter II Turbo X is an utter waste of time. I have a 6-button pad tho
yeah I remember that, on some of the earlier Panasonic pads the diagonals were hard to do. in my opinion, the Goldstar pad was better than the Panasonic, at least as far a d-pad was concerned, and it still had the jack