3RADD : give 3D sound to your Saturn


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I've just found this kit on http://www.sega-saturn.net/ (the site made by Mr.Saturn). It seems to be an official or at least licencied kit to give 3D Surround sound to the Saturn. I'm wondering if it was usefull on all games on only few Saturn games could get their sound rendering improved with that 3D kit.


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A bit more info on it here: 3RADD - The 3-D Sound For Video Games And PCs - retrostuff
There's a scan of the very bare-bones manual, a link to a video demonstrating the effect in the comments. Seems like it's basically a "stereo enhancer" device, and the only Saturn-specific thing is that for some reason they put the logo in the manual and on the box. It even says "Works with any PC sound card or video game" on the box.