A lesson learned


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If only i read the how to mod a saturn topic pinned at the top of this page. I spent 3 hours strait trying to solder the blue wire onto the 8th pin of the 64 pin chip. When i could have just done the stupid a to b thing in a matter of seconds. Well, today was a lessoned learned, i almost lost my saturn which i had for 7 years. It hasn't quit on me yet. A good ol' buddy till the end. Now that i think of it, my saturn has been dropped from at least 5 feat about 7 times, the laser eye has been pushed around countles times, it has had years of swap tricks, not to mention years of swapping my gameshark for 4mb carts. And a bunch of Lithium batteries. Man, my saturn has been through it all and still goes strong.
I feel good to have a saturn.
while reading your help thread, i found it odd that u bought a mod chip given that thread has been there since last time i was here(a while ago).