About a DC login/pass

Well guys, I need a login/pass for my DC so I can go online. I know there are lots of free ones around, just don't know where to get em, my friend gave me one and it has worked fine for the last few weeks but now it doesn't work no more
. I wanna play sum online games damnit!!!! hehe, anywayz, if anyone can help me out I would GREATLY appreciate it, thanks.

P.S. if anyone wants to set up sum times to play sum games online then I am all for it. Have a few online games and gettin more soon.


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Just search the web for using your Dreamcast Online, find a free ISP and register with them, then you're good to go


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If you are referring to an ISP login & pass to get online with your dreamcast......

Some of the free ones do not work. You have to descramble the username and pass and stuff. It's really complicated. If you have dialup internet access, use the same ones you use to get online on your PC.

Many DSL providers offer a certain # of hours per month that their users can have on dialup service if their DSL goes down. Earthlink provides 25.

You'd be much better off borrowing a friend's ISP info to get online because I haven't heard of anyone successfully using their DC with a freeisp in a LONG time.

I think JoyInternet has unlimited accounts for like 7$ a month.

http://www.getjoi.com or something like that.