About Dreamcast servers

After what Ive heard, the Dreamcast version can connect to PC servers and play there. Is this true? If so, we might be able to create servers for other DC games on normal pcs, just start a game and keep it running. :) It would be darn cool to connect to "SX Deathmatch" and compete with other SX members, for example.

What do you think?
Yes, I meant Quake 3. I missed to write that :blush: But does that mean that I can play Quake 3 still, even if the DC servers are shut down? Also, which car racing game was that?
Yes it is possible to play quake 3 as long as someone is running a compatible server. Off the top of my head I can't remember what the required version was...


This board is run by my buddy beast. He can tell you anything you want to know about running it. Chief has actually ran servers for it back in the day.

This is a very cool idea but I don't think it would work b/c very few ppl have the bb adaptor and there would be mass lag... Maybe the price has dropped since dc servers are pretty much done for though? Doesn't really matter I guess since pc players can join dc games also.

Also, if you were wanting to fire up your dc and play quake right now you can but you need to use your pc to find a server. From what I understand the master server is no longer up so you can't browse a list from the dc. You have to get an ip ahead of time and join that way.
Just scanned dc servers out of curiosity. There are 9 ppl playing, most servers are in europe and the lowest ping I got was about 550. (with bb)
Not with UT no.

As for Quake 3... well the server has to be capped at 4 players, using version 1.16 or something, and running only server-side mods...

These are rare, but a lot of people do still run servers for the DC... check out the Q3 GameFaq's board.

You can actually play the game on LAN with PC's connected too, so long as you have a BBA.
Yea it is ver 1.16 but it's a special version of that running dc specific map versions etc.

If you download the all seeing eye and check out q3 servers there is a version option to scan dc compatable servers.