ABus Interrupts

Im triyin to receive interrupts generated in ABus, most exactly XBand interrupts.

Ive set interrupts in this crazy way, to see wich vector is related with XBand.

INT_SetScuFunc(0x50, ModemInt50);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x51, ModemInt51);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x52, ModemInt52);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x53, ModemInt53);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x54, ModemInt54);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x55, ModemInt55);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x56, ModemInt56);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x57, ModemInt57);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x58, ModemInt58);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x59, ModemInt59);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x5A, ModemInt5A);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x5B, ModemInt5B);
INT_SetScuFunc(INT_SCU_MODEM, ModemInt);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x5D, ModemInt5D);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x5E, ModemInt5E);
INT_SetScuFunc(0x5F, ModemInt5F);
The INT_SCU_MODEM (aka vector 0X5C) interrupt fires once every time I Turn On and setup modem, but never again, rest of interrupts never fire.
I can reasert Ack pushing L button and calling INT_SetAck(1) everytime I want.

If I read XBand interrupt register I can see the interrupt flag (new data availiable interrupt flag) but interrupt dont fires.

Im missing something in interrupts configuration???