Akira Special Edition DVD

as an owner of the original tape i'd have to say i was first to the counter with the DVD when it was released in australia. (ages ago though i dont mean it just came out)

anyone who has viewed it on the dvd will know that it contains the japenese dub, the original english dub and a NEW english dub.

the subtitles go with what the NEW english dub says but it is alot different from what they say in the original english.

what i want to know is..

which english dub is the more accurate translation?

personally i cant stand the new dub. after hearing the original so many times i just cant stand the new one. it's just... wrong
I prefer the old dub too, they don't say Peabrain in the new one
. but yeah the differences are quite noticeable, I too would be interested to find out which one is more accurate.