@ all contest coders: use PCM!


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Hello guys!

You know, time is running out for the contest.

My game is nearly finished, only sound is left to work on.

That's why I have been working on the SSwavetools PCM<->WAV conversion program again and released a new beta3 today!


- wrong filesize of .h and .PCM files in WAV->PCM conversion is fixed

-> some .WAV files got wrong filesize information inside, now the real filesize is taken for reference

- the pitch setting is precomputed, so you can be sure that your .WAV file sounds the same on Saturn as on the PC.

- a modified SGL sound demo is included to test your converted sounds on Saturn and to customize and understand the pitch setting.

take this link for download, my homepage is not updated yet:


So everyone who releases a contest contribution: if you still have no sound in your game, sit down for 2 hours and add it to you app. It will be worth it!


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Ladies and Gentleman, it's app like these and the bootloader that I was hoping would come out of the contest.

Originally posted by slinga@Aug 23, 2003 @ 06:50 PM


Ladies and Gentleman, it's app like these and the bootloader that I was hoping would come out of the contest.


Yes, it really a good work. :)

I could release also some parts of my work :

- The bootloader in text mode

- a litttle lib for file access usiong GFS that contains :

int LoadFile(char *name, Uint8 *location, Uint32 size);

void InitCD()

void ChangeDir(char *dirname)

Sint32 GetFileSize(int file_id)

- some SBL lib recompiled with latest compiler
"le Spin", the first 3d nearly-playable sound-enabled "le pin"-like release of the SSMTF, is out. User manual, iso, bin and sources here:


There are a few sounds in it; but no pcms: sequences (there are some restrictions when using PCM). I can translate the doc a friend of mine wrote, describing step bystep the use of the mac tools, i you need it.

It's a not good, no it's even one of the worst things that can happen to me:

My Saturn died!

Oh how I hate the PAR and this ******** bad PC connection that doesn't work. Having to readjust the PAR in cartridge slot to improve connection, the Saturn died silently.

No startup sound, no display, just black screen.

OK, it's not the only Saturn I got, but the contest is ending and the japanese Saturn doesn't work on our apps and the other Saturn is very hard to build a modchip in.

But I will be able to finish the MineSweeper game till the end of the contest. And when I build that chip into the other Saturn next week, I can't await to try the Save Game Copier, Le sPin ....

I allready tried and enjoyed Reinhards demo. If your reading this: try to reconvert your PCM's with the new beta3. Because the pitch setting is set now, you can convert it to 22050 Hz and save a lot of space. You know: the bigger the SL.BIN, the smaller the possebility that the PAR upload works.

OK, bye now.

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little supplement for those who failed to get 16 bit PCM to work:

SSwavetools 16bit fix

I'm currently very, very hard working to get my game finished.... . This wav<->pcm conversion is not very difficult, but full of traps due to big/little endian confusions and stuff. My sound works with this... .