alternate versions?

I've got 2 versions of sonic cd (us).

They have different CRC's, but they are more or less the same size (a few Kb of difference), and playing them one can't see any difference.

My first guess was that this was the third us beta (9.60, I believe), but I checked it with readboot, and it said "released for USA". I believe in probably all the betas it says "released for japan", at least it does in my beta 5.10.

Is there any difference in gameplay by which I could recognize it?

The soundfiles are the same, (the 2nd is 5Kb smaller for some reason), so my guess was that this could be an alternate version.

But are there even alternate versions of sega cd isos?

Oh, (faint)
it's likely they are different rips of the same version. there are a handful of tools that will extract an iso from the cd or a full image of that cd, and each that has a unique method for doing so produces a different sized iso.

i did a series of tests creating isos and put the results up ( ). based on the testing, i'd say the larger file is wrong, unless the smaller one doesn't work at all, then i can't really say.

as for alternate versions of scd games, i think dark wizard may have been released by a different company the 2nd time, but i don't know if there is any difference in the game.
i made an iso from the full image of sonic cd that i have; the size is 121,059,328 bytes. i can't say with 100% certainty that that is what it should be, but i assume it is. you should also note that my image is a mode 1/2048 bin-cue, i'm not sure how it works out if you have a raw image.

the only other isos i've done (starting from original cd's) is eternal champions at 135,217,152 bytes, and nba jam at 44,310,528 bytes


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If it were to be ripped "raw" (assuming you mean mode1/2352), the correct size is presumably 139,029,072 bytes (that is, 2352(121,059,328 / 2048) ).
Oh no, I've got a sonic cd of 121.366.528 bytes.

What a pity. Would this mean it's done with fireburner or CDmage?
i did some more testing and produced a file that size by using isobuster to extract an iso directly from the cd.

i compared this iso with the first one i made, and the extra 307,200 bytes looks to be all zeros. there probably isn't anything wrong with your iso, other than it being a little long.

btw, i used winiso 5.3 to get the correct sized files.


note: zeros means 00 in hex, which is nothing.