Ambitious Eternal Champions project!

Wow! I haven't been here in ages. :eek:

Great to see that it's still around.

Anyhoo, on with the big post! :rock:

Bear in mind that I'm not ready to start this project immediately, but hopefully soon. Time is always a bitch when someone wants to do something fun.

My main reason for coming back here, after many hours several times over the years and ultimately giving up each time, searching the web for anything about ripped or ripping Eternal Champions sprites from the Sega CD game.

New interest has sparked in me to once again pursue these elusive graphics, after seeing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo getting a new facelift and playing the Streets of Rage Remake the past couple months.

I should say that I have tried to rip some sprites by my lonesome, using different emulators with their layer switching options and capturing them with AnimGet. It's extremely painstaking and definitely not the best way to rip every single itty bitty teeny weeny sprite from this game.

It may be easy for some, but not for me with my type of schedule.

I'm willing, in my spare time, to painstakingly trace over each sprite (the best I can with a bad hand from an accident a loooong time ago) essentially giving EC:CftDS the HD treatment.

That's the fun part you see, redrawing it, freshening it up, that's the part I'm most looking forward to doing. The actual ripping is what's stopping me, unless there is an easier way to rip them buggers from the CD data, or if others are willing to rip everything for me?

If there isn't any easier way to rip everything from the game and it's too big of an undertaking for others to help out, then I think this idea will end up on the back burner until something new comes along.

Any info would be most appreciated.

Now the kick in the pants, after all the artwork is done, I'd be pretty much stumped. I'm not a programmer at all so trying to get all the art into a new engine, other than Mugen (I know someone would probably mention it :p ) would be a headscratcher for me. This again would be something that I would ask others if they'd like to undertake.

I've heard about modding in the Beats of Rage game, but I don't know if you can make a straight 1 on 1 fighter in that with the interactive backgrounds we know and love from EC. And the Streets of Rage Remake was made using Fenix, but again, I know nothing about programming so I don't know how hard it would be to recreate or perhaps reinvent the EC fighting engine.

Again, any info would be most appreciated.

It's all very ambitious and probably won't work out, but I can't help to think, "I can't be the only one who'd like to see this game updated, or have thought about updating it oneself."

Hopefully some light comes out regarding the sprite ripping issue.

Thanks for reading, I'm tired and need some rest.

Let the flogging BEGIN!


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I won't flog you or nothing.

But actually be a little nice.

Careful saying stuff about your projects, you get some people hopes up, and others just... well... flog.

Anyways, go for it. It may just fall through, but still do it. Years ago I started coming up with ideas. Fan based things, and others, and in all nothing ever got anywhere. Some art made, some concepts. And I was not much of a programmer. But over time, digging around and playing with ideas... things do actually come together. Maybe not like you imagined at first (far from it), but stuff actually does.

Take it from me, I started years back and got picked on for it, wanting to translate Shadowrun CD. from there it morphed into something completely different and I am now actually working on my own little project with a group of 6 guys. Artists, sound developers and programmers.

It isn't Shadowrun translation, it isn't a cyberpunk RPG, it isn't a Sonic fan game, or any of the early steps I envisioned. It's something so much more, and dear to me and my buddies working on it.

Go for it man... I hope to see in a few years what it just might turn into.


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Hey Lord. I just checked out your blog. It sounds like a pretty cool project you are working on there. I think its great that you were able to get a group of people together to work on it. Usually that is the hardest part. I wish you all the best!