Amiga CD32 FOR SALE!!!

I am selling my amiga cd32. The unit is in mint condition and includes a hard drive upgrade in its case! It includes a mouse, a mini joystick, a cd32 pad, a keyboard, 30 cds with amiga games demos and utilities. Along is the games Microcosm, prey and one more (cant remember right now). There are more games on the cds however, that you can install in the hard disk or play from cd. The package includes photo cd software, all manuals 3,5" disks and a dust cover for the console. Of course, there is a 3,5 disk drive as you can see in the photo and an SX-1 as well, which turns the amiga cd32 into an amiga 1200. This amiga has also more memory as the memory module inside the sx1 has been increased.

Many know that the amiga cd32 power supply is not very poweful to be able to handle a floppy drive and a hard disk as well, so this package includes a better more powerful one which can handle more than this package has already. You can install workbench in the hard disk and connect the amiga to a vga monitor and use it as a computer with the mouse and keyboard.. The combinations are endless!

I am selling this package for 150 Euros. The price of an SX1 (if you are a milllionaire) is almost double than that in most computer stores.

I will ship the same day i will receive the money since its already packaged.


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... "Euro"...

(he he he)..

he said, "Euro"...

No he said "euros" whats wrong with that? :huh

Time to start saving euros € :D Very interesting package no doubt about it!
Whats wrong with euro and euros? should i accept any other currency? :cheers

by the way, everything posted in SX is going the ebay way after some days. The jaguar is almost sold. So if anyone is really interested do it now.