Anybody buy games that are on sale...


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Anyone buy games on sale at stores and then never even play them? I have a stack of them. I always tell myself that i am gonna play them on a rainy day but it usually never happens. Example, i bought Hitman 2 for PS2 and i havn't even touched it yet. And it took me almost 4 months before i even touched Gungrave for ps2. And most of my GBA games just sit there. :ph34r: Go figure.

Anyone else do this?


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I buy all these games for 10c apiece... and let them sit, all the time. Most recently I pillaged Office Depot and their clearanced out games (Ghost Recon for $.25, can't beat that). But, they sit there, and will for a very long time. I just added to that pile with two new games ($2.00).

Most of the time I just play 10 minutes, and keep trying to make time to play them. That's where PSOv2 and Shenmue (and Soul Reaver, Blood Omen... hell the first Kain too...)


I need to stop wasting all this money.