Anybody doing anything for Holloween?


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Me? I'm buying a corpse and putting it in my passengers side seat while driving around tommorow. Since I drive alot because of my job alot of people will notice it. Should be a VERY interesting day.

So... what are YOU doing?
Well my girl and I were gonna have some friends over to watch scarry movies but now that all fell through.. so probably nothing.. guess i carved those pumpkins for nothing <_<


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Originally posted by racketboy@Oct 30, 2003 @ 10:54 PM

keeping my lights off so I don't have to spend money on candy for little kids

arrrrrrrrgrhh, get away from me, you meddlesome kids.

I probably won't be doing anything. I haven't in a few years.


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hehe racketboy, that's what my parents do every year. :)

I might go check out Looks very cool. Anyone in Toronto been there yet?

(insert feedback here)

and have fun with that Iceman2k. If we notice alot of car accidents due to a guy driving a corvette with a corpse in it we know where to go ;)


hehe actually not a ton of people come to our apartments.

most people go to the nice neighborhoods that aren't far away.

better candy there, I suppose


Me and 2 friends are going out to score some quick sugar then we might go to a party afterwards and hit my house to watch some movies. Not scary movies, probably bill and ted then clerks and oldschool