Anybody Play MMORPGs?


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Just curious if anybody plays any MMORPGs here. What do you enjoy about them? What type character did you build?


I play PSO, but no MMORPG's. I think I would find all the social interaction and level grinding to be too tedious.
I play asheron's call, and I've played the 4th coming off and on for a few years. I like the whole group thing to a degree, I like being able to play multiplayer with friends when they aren't there, and I love quests.

I used to prefer fast attacking style characters like dagger users, or unarmed. But in the last year I've switched over exclusively to using mages, mostly cause games are so unbalanced in mages favor and it makes it actually possible to see more of the game.

If anyone else plays AC, I'm "Scared Rabbit" on solclaim. Previous main (and occasional quester) of "Tenkawa keitarou"


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I play Neocron (for about ayear now). I also play Dark Space and Mankind.. but they're not RPGs. Just got a copy of Earth & Beyond the other day.. but haven't signed up yet (I was a beta tester). I have nothing against fantasy based RPGs.. I just don't like them online.


Hmmm... Koreans do.

Played Final Fantasy XI... still, Online RPG games aren't attractive to me, stories are very important.
EQ had tons of story...u just had to go find it (which was half the story). They have tonz of lore and shit....was a pretty good read but most ppl dont bother with it and just level level level.


I play final fantasy XI although it's slowin down on me now that i've gotten to the city so i'm waiting to pick it back up after i install more ram.


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I personally can't wait for World of Warcraft. It looks and sounds to be awesome. And I am a huge fan of the Warcraft world.
WoW seems pretty weak fro mwhat I have seen. It just seems like a bigger Diablo. Hopefully it'll be a lot deeper and no so shallow. I signed up for the BETA but haven't heard back from Blizzard yet :-\. Check out's TONZ dif then the first....they actually should of called it another name, it just takes same on the same planet. Most of the game has completely changed. Real cool, check it out.....


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Originally posted by schi0249@Jan 19, 2004 @ 02:27 AM

I personally can't wait for World of Warcraft. It looks and sounds to be awesome. And I am a huge fan of the Warcraft world.

Although: PSO>All :smash


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What a necro!

I played the FUCK out of Final Fantasy XI for around a decade on and off. I had a pretty epic character, with most jobs leveled and multiple SUPER BADASS LONGTERM INVESTMENT weapons acquired. My Paladin had a Dring, Ochain, Aegis, Burtgang, and well fleshed-out equipment sets for every stupid situation possible.

So much time invested....