Arcade Joysticks


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Which is better?

Leaf switch of Micro Switch for an arcade Joystick?

I am replacing the joysticks in my Arcade unit. I am interested in 8 direction movement (being able to read diagonal movements). My microswitch seems to have broken, so I am looking to replace it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Anyone have a preference?


I think it just comes down to personal preferance, I prefer micro switches but that's just me.

If you have a little more to spend, I've heard a lot of good things about Happs' Perfect 360's. Apparently they last vastly longer than the older types. The only downside is they aren't as clicky
. Then again, you might not like clickyness..


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I personally like the feel and durability of microswitch , some people would argue and say leaf feels more arcade-ish , leaf is more maintaince though because after awhile they stay bent out of place . Not very many companies manufacture new leaf switch buttons either so they can be hard to find


Leaf = 'classic', quiet, harder to find

Microswitch = 'modern', clicky, very easy to find

One day I'd like to try a leaf set up, but they sound like a lot of hassle.


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Ooopps... I already posted this title below... but I have an additional question:

I am replacing the joysticks on my Williams Joust (which I use to play many consoles)...

I just want to know if joystick measurments are standard. Do I need to find a Williams model or will most joystick brackets have the same measurements? That is, the distance between the four corner screws is equal.