Arcade Machines

I recently became responsible for the liquidation of all the assets of an old Arcade owner in my hometown. Thought I'd post a few items here to see if there are any interested parties. This is just a partial list. I'll add more as we fix machines up, and finish testing/prep'ing for sale. If you would like to see pictures of a particular machine (and a quick video of the machine on), please PM me what machine and I'll take them and put up a link to those pictures. First of all, here are some quick sales details:


Acceptable Payment Methods will include:
  • PayPal (Verified Accounts in good Standing Only)
  • USPS Postal Money Order / Western Union Money Order
  • Cash On Pickup / Delivery

The machines are located in Salina, KS USA (Zipcode 67401) and are avail. for pickup there.

We will drive as far as 300 Miles to deliver or meet you half way (maybe more, fees may apply).

We could probably get a quote from a freight company if required and pass that info on to you.

  • Aero Fighters ($400.00) - Crisp Monitor, *FUN*. Horiz. Monitor Setup. KLOV Entry
  • BloodStorm ($400.00) - 25" Monitor, Nice Cabinet.KLOV Entry
  • Carrier Air Wing ($450.00) - Rare I'm told. Considered one of the best Capcom shooters. KLOV Entry
  • Lethal Enforcers ($500.00) - Great Big Dedicated Cabinet, 2 machineguns. KLOV Entry
  • Neo Geo MVS - 1 Slot ($200.00) - Great Shape. Have several MVS Carts for sale with this. PM me for a list. KLOV Entry
  • Neo Geo MVS - 2 Slot ($225.00) - Great Shape. Have several MVS Carts for sale with this. PM me for a list. KLOV Entry
  • Neo Geo MVS - 4 Slot ($275.00) - Great Shape. Have several MVS Carts for sale with this. PM me for a list. KLOV Entry
  • NBA Maximum Hangtime ($550.00) - Great Shape. KLOV Entry
  • NFL Blitz ($600.00) - Great Shape. Nice big Cabinet. KLOV Entry
  • Primal Rage ($900.00) - Excellent Original Cabinet. Perfect Shape. KLOV Entry
  • Revolution X ($600.00) - Great Big Dedicated Cabinet, 2 machineguns. Also have a Terminator 2 board that I can sell with this. They are compad. KLOV Entry
  • Street Figther II: Championship Edition ($250.00) - 19" Monitor. Older Cabinet. Nice Picture. Classic. KLOV Entry
  • Tekken ($280.00) - Another Fighter. KLOV Entry
  • Tekken 2 ($500.00) - Great Shape. KLOV Entry
  • Tekken 3 ($590.00) - Great Shape. KLOV Entry
As I mentioned above, this is far from the complete list. Still cleaning up and repairing many machines. Have many duplicate machines as well. We have some cool driving games, shooters, and some other amusement equipment that I'll add to the list as its looked over. If you are interested in anything, PM me and we'll start making arrangements. Interested in several machines? Make me an offer! Let me know if you have any questions. I've been a member here for awhile and have a good reputation. I'd love to see these machines get a good home when any of my fellow SX members. Thanks for looking! Check back often as I add links to pictures, new machines and additional information. As time goes on I'll start putting these machines on eBay possibly, but I'll update this main thread with the links. Get them while they are availible!
It would be impossible for me to afford shipping on those machines but if you have got spare parts or boards by themselves then i would be very interested.

Im currently after Sega STV, Sega Naomi 1 + 2 GD Rom, Capcom Q Sound Amp, CPS2, Sega Model 1 2 + 3, Plus i am after a Ridge Racer / Rave Racer PCB with some of the additional stuff like shifters etc.

Make sure to keep us updated!
I dont own any thing stv yet, that's why im after it. I am mainly looking for Radiant Silvergun, but i know that isnt going to happen any time soon.

If your selling stuff mal, then send me a list and some prices.