Asian SS Disk Chisato Moritaka Music.


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Quote: from Cecilia Chen on 12:03 am on Mar. 14, 2002

Hey guys,

Another one of my HK SS disks isn't quite working right. I was wondering if anyone has it as well? Its a special SS format music disk. Actualy, I have a picture of it on my webspace so you can see if your not sure.

Ignore the picture of CDs I took on the top as they are just HK Multi-Game Disks.

Thanks a bunch!

Sometimes HK disks are developed to only work with specific HK systems to my knowledge, so you may have a compatability problem there.

Cecilia Chen

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Thanks. Yes, I know some special disks like my Mega Drive game disks only work on select Saturn units, but in this case it should be a regular SS CD. I received the game already pre-damaged for me so I don't need to spend time smashing it myself :)
If this is the case,ie mega drive games on SS, is there an online dealer they can be ordered from? It's also amazing that they have music cd's specifically for the saturn. We never get the really good stuff here in the west.

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Cecilia Chen

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Yes, some Chinese SS systems can play MD games on them. Some Chinese DVD players can also directly play console games as well. I already have one White and one Clear SS unit, so I gave my Chinese system to my little cousin. :) The CDs in the above picture was just to show some game disks. Although they are labled VCD Game Disks (To fool police), its really just a bunch of CDs crammed with tons of MD games.
Cecilia > You should get those HK guys to replace your CD. When they bulk press them, you always get a few scratched disks which don't work.

MD? Ya, you can get some which have SNES playback as well, but its such a waist of money. Its cheaper to get a normal SS Unit, and just use your old SNES Copier Unit which you got like 8 years ago.
But how it´s achieved? You have any clue about what kind od modification they do in order to achive that?!!? That must be really a cool trick :)


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It's probably a "system on chip" in the special Saturns. Chinese/Taiwanese/HK manufacturers have been making "NES chips" for years (which is why there are so many "NES in a controller" clones), and it's really not that much of a stretch to do the same thing to Genesis and SNES, as they're mostly the same tech, just more of it.