Asuka 120% Limit Over (Japanese Hack)


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I recently stumbled over this on a torrent community so i'm just gonna paste what the poster said:

Asuka 120% LIMIT OVER is a fan modification of the Saturn all-girl fighter Asuka 120% Burning Fest Limited. Basically what you may consider a "rom hack", except that its quite advanced for the time - it was made in 1998 and features radical edits - and on a CD based console.

It includes a lot of changes, including:

- Simple to-the-point menu screen (no story mode, only vs, ranking and deathmatch)

- New special moves (knockdown move and secret final attack)

- Additional dodge moves (recovery)

- Additional medium attacks

- Additional throw attacks

- Balance tweaks

- Taunts and autocombos

Changes were made according to the opinions of many players on the net.

lo.lzh contains the files needed to patch a regular asuka 120% image to Limit Over. As all instructions are in japanese, and the tools needed are getting aged.

mainpage (japanese): <-- contains files for patching your own copy of Asuka.

info on the series (japanese):

discussion at

wikipedia info:

note: the serial and header is the same as the original Asuka 120% game, the patch does not modify the header, only some files on the disc.

This is really cool , considering how isolated japanese people are on the internet i wonder what more hacks of saturn games there might be out there..
there's very detailed instruction in the mainpage how to make one from ripping to burning...

I may try this one next time I dig up the game disc...


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This is actually pretty old, and many people mentioned it before - just nobody seems to have cared, considering that its a hack of a below-average fighter.


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To be fair, no one claimed it was new or that the game (or translation) was quality.