ATTN:  Video Encoders

Hey you guys. This msg is for those involved in encoding videos... Right now i'm encoding pretty good rips of tv episodes into divx 3.11 codec... with 29.97 frames per sec and 320 by 240 res. I'm using Virtual Dub for my edits... What filters are you guys using that produces the best quality but fast encoding speed? Can you tell me your filter settings please?

Thanks :)

what about filters? In my experience, 320 by 240 is similar quality to 640 by 480. I just want to know the settings ppl are using for their filters.
ok i'm doing this...

resize precise bicubic a=-0.6

null transform (16 lines total)

sharben 15

temporal smoother 1


divx 98 crisp 640 data rate

currently getting 20 fps encoding speed.

any improvements or suggestions for filter settings and encoding speeds?