Back lighting kit for GBA


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Im interested in Getting a Back Lighting Kit for my GBA. Thats the only reason i want an SPl So for half the price, i could do it myself. Has anyone tried this? I heard you can ruin your GBA easily if you mess up. Is it worth it to try or just stick with buying a GBA SP?


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well I would only suggest having one professionally installed.

However I paid $50 to portablemonopoly to go on the waiting list.

It's been 7 months since then and they don't return my emails or return my money.

At least they don't have my GBA

If you want a backlit one, go on eBay -- they are very reasonably prices or just get an SP

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If your not good at soldering or fussing with electronics then I wouldn't try it yourself. You will either end up with..

a.) Dust/particles behind your screen

b.) A broken GBA/messed up one

I assume we are talking about the Afterburner kit for the GBA.

The dimmer switch involves soldering skills, although the dimmer switch isn't mandatory.


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I seem to recall penny arcade's comment on the afterburner frontlit screens for gba as being something along the lines of "something everyone should have, and no one should install". Apparently it's not hard, so much as extremely annoying or something. Of course I could be remembering this wrong. I always figured I could/would put one in... then the sp came out... and I'm lazy and all... so I just got one of those (soon to be 2 lol).
The trouble with Afterburner is when you install it, you have to make sure there is NO dust between the screen and light, and you have to make sure the light is aligned and set PERFECTLY or it won't look right.

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Which is exactly what I said above


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Originally posted by racketboy@Jul 10, 2003 @ 05:54 PM

did anybody else get screwed by these people

they won't respond to my emails or send me my money

from their index page:

dated april 7th



Over the course of the next 30 days several customers e-mailed me asking where their merchandise was and I did the best I could stalling for more time. Many of them still filed complaints, so at the end of the 30 days Paypal had a whole new list of complaints. Some of the complaints were already resolved, so I sent tracking numbers for those that I could, but several were open complaints. I told Paypal to just deduct from the money for those complaints since I had no access to the account and couldn't refund the money anymore, but Paypal ignored my requests and did not unfreeze the account.

Since then Paypal has slowly whittled away at the money in that account, leaving nothing left, and in some cases sending money back to customers who have already received their Afterburner installation from Portablemonopoly.NET. I tried to reason with Paypal, but there was nothing I could do. I failed to yield to the warnings at and


Since Portablemonopoly.NET is not offering a product at this time I see no reason to respond to the hundreds of “Where is my order” e-mails I receive on a regular basis. As I explained above refunds will be given back as soon as possible, check the website bi-weekly for updates.

Any merchandise still here that Paypal has not refunded money for will be shipped to the buyer this month.



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yeah I read all that.

he talks like he will be working out refunds.

it's been months since then and there haven't been any emails or updates to the site