I'm not having any problems with IE (well... it IS Windows itself for the most part, I guess I do :p ), but I just wanna know. You know how whenever you click a link, it always opens in the smaller window? Is there a way so that way when I open a new window, it opens maximized already? I hate having to press the maximize button everytime.


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All you have to do is open a window. Resize it to the dimensions you want (so in your case just stretch it out) then close it. IE remembers the size of the last window you closed. (This MUST be the last window you close, so that IE completely unloads afterwards.) It does not save the setting for a maximized window though. Then again double clicking on the title bar isn't that hard to do. What's a maximize button??!?!


Bah.. I had it PERFECT! You couldn't even tell it was the smaller screen unless you looked at the maximuze button! I made sure it was the last window I exited out of. Restarted the computer, it still showed up the way it was before I changed it. Bah...
/me can't stand having windows maximized. lol, guess that goes along with me running dual monitors though, I like to have lots of information on my screen at once... and that's best achieved with non maximized windows.


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:agree But I thought it was called pheonix
They changed the name for copyright reasons.

Then it was just Firebird, but somebody already had that name too.

Now it's called "Mozilla Firebird"