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BBA + PSO = Homebrew GC Games! - gamecube dev kicks off!

Discussion in 'Gamecube' started by Berty, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. Berty

    Berty New Member

    It now looks like there is a use for the BBA as a flaw has been found in PSO that lets people upload homebrew gamecube games to the system through the adapter.

    To use it youll need an RJ45 crossover cable, a PC with an ethernet port, a copy os PSO and the BBA. From there you spoof the DNS address of sega's servers on the PC. Using special software you can now upload games (max 2mb) to the GC.

    This is great news for people llegitimatley interested in making homebrew games and emulators for the GC. but is this the beggining of the end for the GC as far as piracy goes? Personally i think that this type of activity would help to promote the gamecube a bit more. The reason? well look at how the Jaguar hacking community has kept that system going long after its death, not to mention the amiga fanboys still doing crazy things.

    Ive got all of the gear i need to perform this experiment so ill keep you informed as to how it turns out.

    PS i hope that people do something useful with this instead of just using it as a means of piracy. Personally i'd like to see some emulators ported to the system. Radiant Silvergun anybody?
  2. ratfish

    ratfish Member

    Wow, that's really interesting news, berty. This could be good news for anybody who's been waiting for a Gamecube homebrew community to begin. The process that you describe sounds like a hassle to set up at the moment, but who knows what it could turn into. I hope this doesn't lead to piracy of games, but on the other hand, Nintendo did do a good job of preventing piracy with the small size of the CD bay. I'm impressed, but the max of 2MB files leaves a little more to be desired. Well, only time can tell.
  3. Berty

    Berty New Member


    here is the address of the software that you'll need.


    the site also has a really good message board system for anybody wanting help on development. I am still yet to try it out as i have been really busy. I have also found some gamecube dev tools for windows if anybody want em.
  4. ratfish

    ratfish Member

    Gimme all you've got, post any links here. I really want to get into this. Thanks by the way! :)
  5. Berty

    Berty New Member

  6. Tagrineth

    Tagrineth New Member

    Oh, wow! Holy shit! Whoa dude! You must be able to do a HELL of a lot with that amazing 2MB! :eek:

    Emulators? 8-bit maybe, but most 16-bit console ROMs won't even FIT in that 2MB... :p
  7. Berty

    Berty New Member

    Dont be thick,

    Go out an look at assembly language and the small file size needed to make emulators using it, then make an intelligent comment.
  8. ratfish

    ratfish Member

    Thanks for posting those links, berty. :)
  9. Tagrineth

    Tagrineth New Member

    Oh, I know that emulators can be very small. But where are you going to store the ROMs the emulator(s) run? If you re-read my post you'll see that THAT was what I was talking about.

    The last build of ZSNES DOS I have is 397 KB... that leaves you with enough room for SNES ROMs either 512KB (rare), 1MB (still pretty rare), or 1.5MB (not common but more frequent than 1MB).

    Not only that but you'd have to upload a new ROM every time you play. Hell, you'd have to upload new data every time you play - PSO dumps all uploaded data on shutdown and retains only static game data in the character save file. Download quests (i.e. Gallon's Shop) are re-uploaded every time you do them.
  10. Berty

    Berty New Member

    What about creating an emulator with a LAN interface, ie, the host machine has the program code and then usies the lan connection to fetch rom data?

    U have to use the BBA adapter and a PC anyway so why not?
  11. Berty

    Berty New Member

    The GC dev site has been updated with new demo's and a new windows programming environment!

  12. Berty

    Berty New Member

  13. Tagrineth

    Tagrineth New Member

    Um... how would you do that? Store the emulator... then fetch the ROM... but then where does the emulator go to run the ROM code? Or would you run all ROM code through the network? That would be pretty slow... and you'd get better performance just buffering your controller inputs through the cable to the host PC and running the emulator THERE, and re-downloading images to display on the TV. LOL...
  14. Zziggy00

    Zziggy00 New Member

    Well now you can send up to 14Mb to the gamecube and someone has written an emulator now that includes 26 games......

    such as:

    Space invaders

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