Best Dev Environment for Saturn?


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Hey guys,

I'm going to start programming again for Saturn now that work is over. What's the best dev environment? I've been using Notepad, and it's nice...but I think it's time I move on to something a little snazzier, and a little more productive.

What do you guys think of textpad? I used it for the first time at work, and I think it's pretty sweet. I could probably find a way to make it compile Saturn code, I just don't know how to set up the parameters.

Same with MS Visual Studio. My favorite feature in VS was the little pop-up menu that comes up when you ype a period after a class name. Made your life as a programmer easier, no need to memorize all the different functions and parameters, and seeing how I'm sure all functions weren't documented, you could play it be ear.

So can someone give me a breakdown of their current dev environment? Thanks in advance.