best Gamecube modchip option


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The straw that broke this back was buying a copy of Metroid Prime 2 that was too scratched, pitted and damaged to be repaired. Bought from Game Crazy during their "we're just like Gamestop now and the market can't support us" sale, so no return. Money wasted.

I also bought a new Windows 7 PC with a DVD burner. Opportunities.

I see several brands. The Xeno looks barebones but is probably the easiest to install. DuoQ is a bit pricier. Then there's the Viper or Qoob Pro, both the expensive options but they offer more.

I'm trying to balance cost, ease of installation and features. Beyond playing backups I'd probably play homebrew emulators or something. I really do not need an MP3 player or such features but there's no point in buying a chip that's garbage.


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6 months later and no reply... If you still need feedback let me know, I have used 3 of the four types of chips you mentioned.


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I put the XenoGC on mine, works perfect, no menus or anything like that, just put the miniDVD-R and play, very easy to install too it you prepare.