Better than Radiant Silvergun

I think almost everyone has agreed to the idea that Radiant Silvergun is possibly the best shooter and most likely the best game for Saturn, but I have a challenger.

The only game I have played that could challenge Radiant SIlvergun for BOTH the best shooter and best Saturn game is Layer Section 2! At risk of driving up the price to some insane hype: I think this game is slightly better.

Layer Section 2 is the sequal to Galatic Attack (the american version) but in 3-D polygons. I really can't recommend this game more! It takes away the "willy-beemish" quasi-anime of Radiant Silvergun, which, by the way, is IDENTICAL to the "willy-bemish" lame characters of Guardian Heroes... Why is that?

The game has a lot of cool interludes and a real sense of speed and space that is better than Radiant Silvergun. Also, some players may like the simpler button control. It may not be as pretty. I enjoyed the running man sequence of RS, but I used a cheat code to get there. LS2 may actually be longer and have more suprises. I am waiting to find a code.

Has anyone played both? Can you objectifly compare? I really think Layer Section 2 is better. (NOw watch the prices sore to $150. Good thing I already have my copy!)


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Hmm...I think Radiant Silvergun will still hold up as 'the best' due to it's depth and polish. Layer Section 2 is an outstanding shooter and has a huge cool factor, but it doesn't have the kind of depth RS has...Gah I don't see why people must compare...they're both great and have their unique qualities!
RSG is way better. Objectively (I do think RSG is a tad overrated).

First of all Layer Section II has trouble even comparing to Layer Section, which some (including me) think is better. The game is nice but a bit to easy, and the replay value ain't as strong.

Radiant is more complex, has a better engine, more innovative weapon system, incredibly well thought levels, stronger replay value, tougher and funnier high score and combo factor.

Wether you don't like the hype around it, the fanboyism of noobs who never even played the damn game or the fact it costs more today than a Toyota Corolla, RSG remains a masterpiece.

LSII is *just* a pretty damn good shmup.
layer section 1 is prettier... but we all know 3D is not the saturn's strength.

All 3 are great... about on the same level for me. My problem with RS is the redundant Treasure cliches: running man from Gunstar Heroes and willy-beemish cartoon charaters from Guardian Heroes (which steals the name from Gunstarr Heroes)... Jeez, Treasure makes good but redundant games.

oh FUGGIT... I'm about to get DEZAEMON 2 and make a shooter better than all 3!


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Although I haven't played Layer Section II, I have played Raystorm - the US equivalent.

Like RS, this game strays from the traditional shooter by adding different elements to the gameplay.

In this game your ship has a main gun that can shoot down most of the enemies in your path. Though, there is also enemies shooting at you from below which cannot be destroyed by the main gun and which can only be destroyed by your laser.

So you end up with enemies on two layers. You destroy enemies in the background with your laser and destroy enemies coming towards you with your main gun.

There is also a points/ combo system. Multiple points can be achieved by 'locking on' multiple targets with your laser before firing. When you fire your laser, all enemies that have been targeted by your laser will be destroyed in a chain.

As far as powerups go, this game has a few. You collect 2 different types of powerups - One for your main gun, and one for your laser. Similarly to Raiden, you get a rare 'full-power' powerup that only appears after loosing lots of lives. As for your bomb, you can only have one but it is very effective to take out multiple enemies. Instead of collecting bomb powerups you have to charge it up, which is done by destroying enemies, with your laser.

The graphics are great and really bring out the difference between 16-bit and 32-bit. As jeff-20 said, it uses 3D polygons, which add a great effect. For example you have the tall skyscrapers in the first level that reach up to your ship, and the water in the second level, which can be seen 'waving'. The game is rich in colours, though perhaps one con is that the enemies’ bullets sometimes blend in with the other colours on the screen.

I must say this game has a kickass soundtrack. Great music, throughout the game. My favourite music in the game is the first levels music. The music doesn't get worse as the game progresses but instead loses the lively beat of the first level and drifts into a more 'space like' melody - which is effective also, because you begin in a city, then make your way into the planets atmosphere and finally into space.

The game has good replay value meaning that you can play it through again and again without tiring of the same old stuff. It has the traditional 8 levels in the game with the eighth level being the last boss. You get two different ships to choose from and 2 modes of game play to choose from (arcade and extra mode). Not only that but once you play through arcade and extra mode, the difficulty increases by giving you only 12 lives to pass the game, and your final life gets to control the prototype ship - which is pretty much just the red ship without the capability of using bombs. You also get bigger explosions for the bosses after playing through both modes. This game can be difficult at first though once you've have played it through a few times you will understand the patterns of the enemy
Though compared to RS, this game is easy... or perhaps it's RS that is too hard

Overall, this is definately one game you would be proud to own. It's one of the better shooters for saturn though I don't expect it to sore to $150
It's selling on ebay for $5 US


Gameplay: 7 / 10

Value: 8 / 10

Graphics: 7 / 10

Sound: 7 / 10

Btw, cheating to pass games is lame, just hope you understand that.


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OMG!!! I totally luv Layer Section II and I agree it's on par with Radiant Silvergun. An underrated jewel, much like Darius Gaiden (for its own reasons).

And it's just another of those games I can't wait to play on a Saturn emulator in 1024x768 and a steady 30fps, if not 60 :)
now that was a great fuggin review! But I am too lame to play games all the way through without a code or something. Gimme a code folks! I must see the end of LS2!


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Originally posted by JonnyCasino@Apr 7, 2003 @ 04:20 PM

So whats stopping you

How about an AMD K6-3 400MHz computer with a Voodoo3 PCI videocard?

... That's what I thought.
Originally posted by jeff-20@Apr 8, 2003 @ 06:07 AM

now that was a great fuggin review! But I am too lame to play games all the way through without a code or something. Gimme a code folks! I must see the end of LS2!

°_° wtf !? LSII is one of the easiest shmups on Saturn, how the hell did you do to play through Batsugun, Dodonpachi, RSG or LS ???
What about Sokyugurentai?

I think that one is on the same level as RSG. Level design, graphics and music are top and it's even a bit harder than RSG in my opinion.
Sokyugurentai is fab and you´re right its up there with RSG when I first played Sokyu Gurentai I got the feel that it would play better with the 3d analog pad I need a analog pad :smash anyway I really liked the zoom effects never seen nothing like that.
LS2/Raystorm is just full 3D. Remove that, and you have utterly simple levels. Very few enemies at once on screen (prolly because it's 3D), the game doesn't play fast enough (the final level runs almost all the time in slowdown), and often rely on small, hard to see (they mix with the backgrounds far too easily), bullets and inflated ship hit area to beat the player.

The first game, Layer Section, has much more flesh to it, IMO.

And I can't believe only NOW you saw LS2! That game is OLD news. It was released in the arcades *way* before Radiant Silvergun. And THEN it received rave reviews, since it was the first shmup in full 3D.

And it was the only one for a good while, since 32-bit consoles/arcade boards didn't offered power enough to get all the glory of a shmup (loads of bullets and enemies) into a full polygonal game. All other shmups relied on mixing 2D and 3D (Thunder Force V, RSG), with another full 3D shmups coming later when people started using the PSX to it's maximum (the awesome R-Type Delta, Raycrisis).

Sokyugurentay gives LSII a good beating.
Originally posted by CHAZumaru °_°+Apr 8, 2003 @ 01:03 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(CHAZumaru °_° @ Apr 8, 2003 @ 01:03 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'> <!--QuoteBegin-jeff-20@Apr 8, 2003 @ 06:07 AM

now that was a great fuggin review! But I am too lame to play games all the way through without a code or something. Gimme a code folks! I must see the end of LS2!

°_° wtf !? LSII is one of the easiest shmups on Saturn, how the hell did you do to play through Batsugun, Dodonpachi, RSG or LS ??? [/b][/quote]

I USED A FUGGIN CODE! (I love shooters, but I admit that I suck at them.)
Terra Diver aka Soukyugurentai is IMHO comparable to RSG...

It´s PanzerDragoon like Locking feature, the zooms, the enemies coming from the back etc makes it´s fantastic!
I never even heard of that one! I am scanning GameFAQ right now for more info... The review calls it saturn's 2nd best shooter.

How could I have slept on this?

I searched Google for scren pics and they look interesting. I gotta see what this zoom effect is about... is it like Guardian Heroes or pretty fighter?
Battle Garegga is the best challenger. PLus there are some other ones like trhe 2 Pachi games, Salamadner 2, and Batsugun that are also very fun and have more longitvity than Radiant Silvergun.