ok, i found myself a saturn for a whole £2!!!!! no pads or games but i managed to dig up a RF lead for it. Its the european version of the saturn with the oval buttons. Now i have heard much about this console and i'd like to see if it cuts the mustard. I'm gonna test it out and see if i can get it going but i need to find out some info.

So far i have gathered you need a modchip to allow you to use CDRs. This only works on certain saturns and i cant remember which one, round or oval buttons. I will need to get a game to test it out as well at some point so if anyone could answer the modchip question and any general tips for owning my first saturn i'd appreciate it thanx


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Usually oval button Saturns are 20 pin and mods are so hard to come by.

On the other hand, it could be 21 pin, but it's likely to have the 64 pin IC on the CD board and it seems most mods don't work with such Saturns.

If I were you I'd be checking the miscellaneous section for 'swap trick' guides.
ok, so its time to take out my trusty screwdriver and see. Also i'll keep my eyes peeled for round buttoned saturns as they are easier to mod