Border Down, the last shootemup on Dreamcast?

My copy of Border Down from NCSX finally arrived yesterday! It is a great testament to side-scrolling shooting design and madness and the setup is different from any other game I have played.

I like the idea of being able to choose from 3 seperate paths, or "borders" as they are called, at the start of the game. Each of these paths is different in difficulty, but is a double edged sword since the amount of ships you start with is inversely proportional to the difficulty of the path selected.

The paths are: "Green" which is the longest and gives you 3 ships, "Yellow" which is medium with 2 ships, and finally "Red" which is the easiest path with only 1 ship. Each time you die on the "Green" or "Yellow" paths you drop down to the next lowest path with your remaining ship(s.)

On top of that, this game is 100% NAOMI like Ikaruga and is probably one of the best side-scroll shooters since Thunderforce V and Einhander! :)

Is this the last shooter on the Dreamcast; what do you all think?
I'm hoping that this one will do decent enough for some compagny to push out 1 more, but as it is for dreamcast owners we've already been blessed with Ikaruga and now this. But here's hoping :)

actually the makers of the castle of shikigami were talking about porting the second game to all systems including the dreamcast but we will have to wait and see....


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I am still waiting for my copy of border down, but I know it is gonna kick ass.

I do hope though that they continue to make games, and genre for the dc.. as long as the game doesn't suck/
Never say never with the DC, we have been surprised time and time agian. the DC is still alive through japan and homebrew/emulation. it's kinda like the Neo Geo i guess, clinging to life even if it's only by a few threads. and if SEGA's backing it with support again (assuming they continue after Puyo Puyo) then i don't see the DC fading away anytime soon. oh and how many of you actually have been emailing support to those who support the system? Playmore was looking for support to release Snk vs. capcom chaos but only if there was support, that is why there has not been an announcement for a DC version and only a PS2 version so far. They need to know there is support for DC still! I email, do you guys?

anyway back on topic, i don't have the game yet, i'm saving for it (sigh, but i'm going to need money for christmas too) i have seen the movies of the game and it's kinda impressive, reminds me of my fav SEGA CD shooter, Android Assault: Revenge of the Bari-Arm.


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Originally posted by Resident_Lurker@Oct 23, 2003 @ 02:57 AM

I'm weaksauce. Couldn't get past the first level.

-1 Border Down.

don't feel bad neither can I except in practice mode

I can't get past the 2nd level of Ikaruga either.

Must practice...

I think you need the Force to play these games
After playing countless times on Border Down, I finally acquired 3 whole credits!! LOL! I can get to the 4th stage boss and then I get ripped. The bottom line is definitely PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!! :cool:
The only way I got 3/3 credits (as opposed to 1/1 credits) is by constantly playing the game over and over again after dying. I did notice though, that I achieved the "NORM" score on level one on the green border and also that I placed 2nd in the roster after playing through for 5 times. It finally unlocked after that, so I saved it immediately to the VMU.

I don't think it matters what difficulty you have the game on and I did start a couple of games in the yellow border to mix it up a bit. I can't pinpoint what specifically unlocks them. They definitely do help though once you do get them!
Its looks like Psyvariar 2 is a definite for DC now. At least thats what i've been told.

If yours a shooter fan and you havent played Psyvariar on the PS2 you should hang your head in shame!