Broken DC - Easy fix or buy a new one?


I let my boys at the DC and now it won't work. Actually, it works it just doesn't recognise any of the controllers. I bought a new controller just in case it was the controllers that were broken, but the new one didn't work either.

So, is this an easy fix, or do I throw it a way and buy a second-hand one (£25 in my local Cash Converters)?
It's a blown fuse on the controller headers. Look inside the DC for it... isn't too hard to replace really, if you know how to solder.
that's actually such a comon problem there's a how-to on gamefaqs for fixing it. check the dreamcast hardware faq section. in future don't hot-swap peripherals on your d.c. as it's my understanding thta that's what causes the fuse to blow


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I dunno, I hot-swapped all the time, but that was usually with standard 1st party controllers with nothing in them. The only controller that had anything in it most of the time was the first one, and I didn't usually mess with that one while games were running.