Broken PS2s, modchips, Xbox Stuff, more to come!!!

Hey all, got more stuff I need to clear out this week, therefore I am negotiable with prices, and would love to get rid of alot of this stuff together, save you both money in cost and shipping.

Playstation Stuff:

V4 - Failed mod attempt I believe, black screen, no eject light, had a duo2 se planted in it when I got it, and they had smeared hot glue on the mobo. Comes with all parts inside. $40 US shipped

V5 - Pretty sure failed mod attempt aswell, as I recieved it with a dms3. Turns on, tray keeps getitng stuck, I remember that it made strange audio glitches and had a hard time reading any discs, although I didn't test the ba, nor do I carry any BA's. $40 US shipped

V7 - Talk about beaten, recieved it with the back fan connector ripped off, broken Controller port clip and ripped cable. I don't think I ever even tried messing with the system. I think I turned it on once, and then noticed the fan wasn't working, so I shut it off, I recieved video however. $40 US shipped

All three systems for $100 US shipped.

2 Duo 2 Chips, removed from broken systems, $8 US shipped each, both for $14 shipped.

1 LA6508 RII chip sealed - Replaces LA6508 that are blown in v9 and v10 systems, $5 US shipped

Fully working Playstation 1 System (SCPH-7501), w/ Controller and hookups, $25 USD shipped.

As well, I will have some broken ps2 motherboards for sale, probably only good for parts, but they will go dirt cheap, so msg me about them, if not, I will post them.

XBOX Stuff:

Modded Xbox 1.2 System - Thompson Drive (works great, it hasn't frozen at all for me on DVD-R and Originals) - Standard HD - Comes with controller and hookups, box and manual. Modded with an Aladdin chip, flashed with EvoX. Great Condition! $180 USD + shipping, or $195 Shipped (whatever is cheaper).

NYKO Wireless Headset for Xbox Live - Like new Condition, bought it, but my brother just cancelled Xbox Live. 6 Hours battery life, Link here I paid $60 CAD plus taxes. $35 US shipped.

Thompson Drive that needs a new Laser (with DVD Bezel) $15 US shipped

Top of an Xbox Case, looks like it's in decent condition (although has a notch out of the left back side, had a switch mounted there), as well as the front panel casing of an xbox case. Sold Together, make an offer.

Full xbox case, with fan in the back, comes with screws, top (which has some scratches on it, not horrible, but not perfect), front panel, bottom, dvd and harddrive plastic) , No DVD Bezel - $20 US Shipped

Also am going to have some broken Motherboards for Xboxes lying around, I know of 2 V1.0 mobos that run, and have been tsoped, but one of which randomly freezes, adn the other which makes strange audio glithces through the speakers. Once again, these would go dirt cheap, so msg me, or else I will post them up here when I gather them all together.


I accept paypal, and am located in Canada. Will take pictures on request, and will update as thing as are sold/added. Let me know if your interested via PM or Email or MSN (!!!!! References available upon request, Perfect ebay feedback under Protosstic!!!!!!!!1
Also this is as low as I will go on the price, but 4 Broken Xbox Motherboards:

Two broken 1.4's, 1 missing an EEPROM chip, other flashes ORANGE randomly, and rarely boots (and 2 harddrives, one of which is locked to one of the 1.4's)


2 semi-working 1.0's, both tsopped, one does strange audio through the speakers when it heats up, the other randomly freezes)

for $40 USD shipped in USA or Canada.
BIOS is already written, don't remember off hand if the WE and OE pads are hooked up still, and no switches. X2 latest bios is the one on the flashed on.