Bulk Slash English localization project


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Here's the latest...

Lacquerware has mixed together the voices and sound effects for Kina and Metical's endings. That makes for three endings whose audio is ready to get music re-added, along with Rupia's, which he mixed late last month. Lacquerware also recorded lines for the reporter seen in Leone's ending with a woman named Seerba, who is an actual reporter! She brings an authenticity to her performance~

Knight0fdragon and I worked on tweaking the twin stick controller graphic to fit within the space available in the game. Here it is in Yaba Sanshiro — the labels need to be repositioned on the screen and TYPE-D doesn't appear in the center where that 0 is still. Knight needs to write bespoke code to fix the labels, and he's moving all of the TYPE-[letter] sprites to a big blank space in the TITLE.ALL file so we have room to add a TYPE-D sprite.


We ended up having to change the original gamepad graphic to give us a bit more room, too — we removed the drop shadow, shortened the cyan lines and bumped a couple of the lines up so they'd only use one tile instead of two, which is more efficient in the first place.


I also began mocking up a U.S. style manual for Bulk Slash. Here's a sneak peak...


Lastly, Jiggle85 reports that he and his brother are still working to tweak the recreations of the endings' music tracks until they're just right.