burner problem


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Ya this doesn't have to do with games or anything but i'm assuming somebody here might be able to help. My cd burner is acting like a stupid piece of shit. It doesn't pick up on blank cds being in it.it wont pick up Rs or RWs. I tried uninstalling and re installing my burning software I also deleted the drive out of my hardware list in the sytem info and then let windows detect it again and instal the drivers again but still it wont pick up on blank cds(every once in awhile it does but it's starting to become a rare occurance). Anyone have any ideas for me to help me fix this?


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if the burner is old or has gone trough some abuse like constant burning- hours at a time then i think its on its last legs -- you can pick up a new good one for about 40$ at a computer show--- with that in mind and if you have time and like to tinker -- take it out open the sheilding get to the laser assembly and makesure nothings is loose or dirty

but if you break it (becasue you have 2 left hands )dont blame me

also did you try a lense cleaner? -- my opinon lense cleanser suck monkey crap but gettign to a lense with a q-tip is almost imposible on burners