hi folks,

i thought about developing some apps for saturn but all i was able to find on the net were silly docs, unusable debugger and assembler. as i can't and don't want to program assembly i would like to know if there is a c- or even c++-compiler out there working for the saturn hardware. some good docs would be nice too!

thanks for listening!



I have no idea if it works with Saturn, but Visual C++ works very well.


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I have a stash of stuff here, and you could always build your own GNU toolchain or use the precompiled ones available from KPIT. (These links have been posted in this forum before.)
thanks a lot! those tool will help me through a lot!

i have visual studio myself and as far as i know it only works with x86 and alpha-windows platforms. ???
You know, i've been visiting this forum for around a year, and this is the first time i've seen someone post that site.

However, i'm glad you posted it. The compiler that was originally used with sega's libs, etc. has problems in win2k, and I could never get it working in winxp at all.

With a bit of modifications, it compiles sgl code flawlessly and does it like 5x faster.

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Heh, last time I linked to KPIT you weren't nearly as enthusiastic. Anyway, going by the GCC mailing lists they seem to be the biggest users of the SH port. They're not maintaining the port (yet) but they're the first to point out bugs and such.
I've had the ELF version of kpit's GCC for a long time. I was using it to write some little Dreamcast progs with libdream (was a little hard to set up on that target though, no shell). I would assume the COFF object version is what is used with SGL (they are coff objects, right?). I quit using kpit's port and now I'm using GCC 3.1 built under Cygwin with SH4 as target for DC stuff. Cygwin is slow but at least it has the unix shell capability, which is essential for building various free Dreamcast libraries, as they use scripts and the like.

As an aside, would it be worthwhile to put together a package of kpit's coff SH compiler plus MSYS and the SGL headers, libs, and examples for a Unix-like Saturn/Dreamcast dev environment? I know Unix gives most Windows people hives but it really is good if you want to do porting work on code that's already been written. (And it's smaller than Cygwin, which is taking up 645 MB of my hard drive now. Well, okay, ~200MB of that is GCC's source and objects that I haven't deleted yet.)

As a curiosity, would anyone want a dual Saturn/Dreamcast development tool on their PC? If anyone does I might make a package out of it.

Taka: the code generation has improved quite a bit since that old crusty official Sega version. Unfortunately, the SH target is still really far behind all the other ones. Guess it isn't all that popular.
antime, i was born to be a naturally a jerk. Basicly, last time I checked the GCC SH-2 updates, the guy doing it was woking at Sega at the time. But the "old" and "official" version that I was using was still really behind, and didn't noticed until I tried the new one >_<.

Yes they are COFF targets. And a Saturn package would be nice, if we could find time to make an free/open source library for Saturn ^^;
Originally posted by TakaIsSilly@July 16 2002, 9:31 pm

And a Saturn package would be nice, if we could find time to make an free/open source library for Saturn ^^;

Yeah, okay, I'll write up that lib and have it done tomorrow, okay